Philippine Mayor Killed in Police Raid

President Duterte's Spokesperson Ernie Abella
President Duterte's Spokesperson Ernie Abella

Philippine police has shot Reynaldo Parojinog dead, mayor of the city of Ozamiz on Mindanao island.

Mr, Reynaldo was accused of having links with drug trade by the President of Philippine. He has been killed with his wife and 10 others at his home in a police raid.

In a statement after Parojinog’s kill, President Duterte’s spokesperson Ernie Abella said, “The Administration vowed to intensify the drug campaign.”

Mr. Abella said, “The Philippine National Police (PNP) conducted a raid in the Parojinog residence this morning which led to the arrest of Ozamiz Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog-Echavez and scores of others. The Parojinogs, if you would recall, are included in PRRD’s list of personalities involved in the illegal drug trade.”

President Duterte’s so called ‘war on drugs’ has so far killed more than 7000 people since July 2016.

“The Administration vowed to intensify the drug campaign.”

The government officials said the security forces had been attacked by the Parojinogs guards that led to the fight and the mayor’s death.

Parojinogs’ spokesperson, however, denied that “there had been any exchange of fire and said the mayor’s camp did not fire a shot,” BBC reports.

Mayor Parojinog happens to be the third mayor to be killed by the government’s forces since Mr. Duterte declared his war on drug.

The late mayor’s daughter has been arrested who is the vice-mayor of Ozamiz. His brother was also killed in a raid by the security forces.

Mr. Duterte’s brutal crackdown on Filipinos in the name anti-drug mission has been largely criticized by the international community. Critics regard these crackdowns as Duterte’s ambition to grab wider power of Philippine.

These moves of Duterte, however, has made him popular with many Filipinos at home. Many of the Filipinos regard him as a strongman they needed to fight drugs and crimes. But Mr. Duterte’s ruthless actions have already cost too many lives.


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